Blogmas 2020: Day 6

What an eventful weekend we had! Yesterday we spent all day running errands and building the kid’s big gifts while they were gone.

Today we celebrated my birthday (which is actually tomorrow). Bug woke us up way too early this morning, so I thought “I am going to order some breakfast for delivery”. I ordered from iHop and it was delivered ahead of schedule. The driver was super nice! I ordered myself cookies and cream pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, and bacon [#notketo]. I ordered Chris his favorite breakfast; biscuits and gravy. Then Bug got a kids pancake breakfast. Unfortunately, they somehow completely missed the gravy for Chris’ breakfast. Mine was okay, not as good as the advertisement looked, but we made do and made the best of it.

After breakfast, Bug and I watched some television in my bed. It wasn’t long before I wound up falling asleep. Luckily Chris was home to be on Bug patrol. I wound up sleeping until almost 11, it felt so good. Then I showered and got ready. I had a few projects I had to get done before we left; wrapping the big presents, wrapping the gifts the kids made for their grandparents, and some elf business.

We loaded the car and ran a couple more errands, picked up some pizza, and headed to Chris’ parents to pickup the kids. We ate pizza and cupcakes that the kids made for me. After a bit we got ready for our little event.

The first thing we did is drive around a couple neighborhoods to see Christmas lights. We wound up making a stop through Scooters for coffee and cocoa (speaking of, did you know you can ask them for a kids temp cocoa so it isn’t piping hot!?).

I knew this event Chris had planned was time slotted for 8pm. Though, I didn’t have a clue to what it was. We wound up heading to downtown, which made me more confused because we hardly ever go there. When we parked, it was like a back alleyway and Chris says, “what does that sign say?” in the parking stall wall. It said “Igloo parking only”. I’m like, what an igloo? I don’t see any around here…

We walked up some stairs and checked in. They had movies and games to borrow, we took candyland and A Christmas Story. Then we headed to our igloo.

It was so cute! I was grateful it wasn’t actually made from ice! We played candyland and then turned the movie on. The kids were a bit antsy, especially Pickle with his ADHD. It was definitely an experience to remember though.

I didn’t know this igloo thing even existed. Apparently Chris heard about it through a friend and then made it happen. He always makes my birthday special. He loves making plans and surprising me. He is the sweetest.

Tomorrow is just going to be a chill day. I told the kids all I wanted was a clean house, haha. We will see how long that lasts. I did pickup a cake from HyVee and I will crockpot our dinner so I don’t technically have to cook. Here is to turning 31!


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