Blogmas 2020: Day 3

Speaking of YouTube (on my last post), do you ever find yourself watching random videos?

Lately I have been finding myself watching before and after cleaning videos. More specifically, dog grooming, rug cleaning, and car detailing. I have no shame in it, haha!

Anyways, these videos have really been inspiring my “wish list” this year. Oddly enough, my husband is also very into car detailing and has started compiling an amazon list of the Chemical Guys products, a pressure washer, a new carpet shampooer, and some cool tools for detailing.

I also have added some dog grooming tools, some household cleaning tools [like a new steam mop], organizing things for the kitchen, a couple ‘random’ things like a new mailbox, funny decor pieces, and a new kitchen faucet.

I don’t expect to get gifts and we only make this list for ourselves. Of course, you cannot just buy everything at one time, especially when you are on a budget! I try to prioritize purchases and often times talk myself out of buying things for myself [#momlife]. I always think, “what I have already works, it may not be the most ideal thing, but it works. If it isn’t broke, then why replace it?”

However! We have decided to ‘splurge’ on ourselves this season. We both give so much and deserve to have things that we enjoy; especially if they make life easier!

What is on your list this year? Do you buy yourself “gifts” or do you feel guilty spending any amount on yourself? Let me know!


I took this picture at the drive through lights display we went to.

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