Find The Gratitude 4

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Can you even believe it!?

Since the virus is spreading like wildfire and now even invading our personal lives, we are staying put. We will be spending Thanksgiving here at home. I will be making breakfast and a smaller version of our usual Thanksgiving dinner. It will be a, hopefully, relaxing day.

This last week, the kids had a harder time thinking of what they are grateful for. We had a rule from the beginning that there could be no repeats. This really had their brains thinking.


Chris – hot showers

Monkey – playing outside

Bug – mmmmm?

Pickle – t.v

Me – coupons


Chris – playing outside as a kid

Monkey – pajamas

Bug – varbarr!

Pickle – stuffies [stuffed animals]

Me – lotion


Chris – racing

Monkey – dance party

Pickle – phone

Bug – hi

Me – Christmas music


Chris – funny things that make me laugh

Monkey – Christmas tree

Bug – mommmm

Pickle – clothes

Me – the interwebs


Chris – black out curtains

Pickle – food

Monkey – meena and papop

Me – meal prepping

Bug – diapers


Chris – work boots

Me – calculators

Monkey – nightlights

Pickle – forts

Bug – sound machine


Chris – ethnic foods

Me – printers

Pickle – taco tuesdays

Monkey – the sun

Bug – applesauce

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I also hope that you are all well.


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