Find The Gratitude part 3

With this year seeming to be harder to hold on to some traditions, it has been nice having ones that we do from home.

I guess that is a lesson to be learned during a pandemic; have traditions that can be done from home.

Every year we have somehow managed to spend the month of November telling each other what we are thankful for. While it may not be an elaborate tradition, it is certainly nice to feel like something is still normal.

This past week we ran out of room on our gratitude tree, but I have been jotting the things we say down in my phone’s notes.

Without further delay…
Wednesday [Nov 11th]
Chris – the children

Monkey – rudolph

Bug – uha!

Pickle – pets
Me – arts and crafts
Chris – my bed

Monkey- McDonald’s

Bug – ooh!

Pickle – friends
Me – crockpot
Chris – caffeine

Monkey – baths

Pickle – Christmas

Bug – toys
Me – glasses

Chris – racecars

Monkey – cousins

Bug – ehhsh!

Pickle – ps4
Me – girls night

Chris – having a job
Pickle – cats

Monkey – my addidas shoes
Me – chris’ beard

Bug – Daniel tiger
Chris – the 5 senses
Me – vacuums

Monkey – stockings

Pickle – fortnite

Bug – cheese

Chris – heat and AC
Me – snuggles

Pickle – presents for Christmas

Monkey – mommy’s painting

Bug – laughter

I find some of the answers amusing because it seems like such a silly thing to have appreciation for. However, I think we can all take a lesson from the kids and be more appreciative of the silly small things that we often take for granted. Especially during a global pandemic that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Finding the positive can make it seem a little less chaotic, even if just for a moment.

Until next week,


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