Find The Gratitude part 2

Last week I decided we were going to do this Find The Gratitude idea that I had. Every night after dinner we would tell each other what we are grateful for. After the first day, I figured, maybe we should write it down somewhere.

So, I decided to make a gratitude tree. I found a roll of white paper that was leftover from another project awhile back. Drew a leafless tree on it. Then I printed out some sheets of leaves and the kids colored them. We hung this on the wall in the dining room.

Every night after dinner we would write everyone’s answer on a leaf. Here is what everyone said this last week.

“What are you grateful or thankful for?”
Chris – nightly family dinners


Bug – bread

Pickle – having a family
Me – naps
Chris – my wife


Bug – ah!

Me – Monkey
Chris – having a house

Monkey – pa-g and grandma

Pickle – days off from school

Bug – avocados
Me – coffee

Chris – electricity

Monkey – dogs

Bug – heh?

Pickle – my own room
Me – love

Chris – transportation

Pickle – togetherness

Monkey – shows
Me – music

Bug – hmm
Chris – hygiene products
Me – candles

Monkey – dolls

Pickle – dog man books



Pickle – cheeseburgers🍔

Bug – ranch

Monkey – jakis (pronounced Jake-iss) from preschool [she doesn’t even go to school, but she has made up a friend, lol.] I said how do you spell that name, she said “a, l, l, s”.

Me – diversity

Chris – eating utensils

Our tree is nearly full after just one week.

I really enjoy hearing the kid’s answers. It just goes to show that there is always something to be grateful for.


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