It is already nearing the end of October! Normally the month of October we have a lot of fun activities planned, but of course this year has put a little damper on that! So, I decided, I at least need something to look back on for October of 2020. What better way can I think of than, you guessed it I am sure [hello, title…] a Halloween Questionnaire.


Here we go!

#1. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

I would have to say Twix. I could binge an entire bag if it was left in front of me.

#2. What is your favorite Halloween book?

Well, to be frank, I do not read books. I cannot pinpoint a Halloween book that is not toddler related.

#3. On Halloween I will dress up as…

My daughter decided she wanted to be Sally this year from The Nightmare Before Christmas. So, I figured the baby [ok toddler] could be Jack. Originally I was really trying hard to be okay with not dressing up, but that didn’t last long. I decided on Oogie Boogie. I ended up spending 6 hours making my costume from complete scratch. I also made a couple accessories for Chris, who was the Mayor. My sister had a Halloween party for the kids so we dressed up for that. I probably won’t dress up on Halloween, but then again maybe I will…

Oh, my oldest son decided to be a fortnite guy. He also wasn’t present for the picture.

#4. What is something that scares you?

I guess the 2 biggest things are heights and falling.

#5. What did you dress up as last year?

Last year I was a witch. I think I wrote about that somewhere. Oh, yup, here is that link if you want to check it out! 2019 Costumes

#6. Who will you go trick r treating with?

Well, we might wind up not going at all now. Unfortunately we were possibly indirectly exposed to the ever so lovely virus, so we are quarantining and waiting for our test results. I haven’t been feeling that well, but I think it is seasonal related as I get it every year. Time will tell. Everyone else is well here so far. We will see what Halloween brings, but if we go it will just be us 5 on a couple streets in our neighborhood.

#7. Will you carve pumpkins and what will they look like?

Yes! I always carve pumpkins! Usually we do this a day or 2 before Halloween. I don’t really have any particular ideas in mind this year. Leave me some ideas in the comments!

#8. What is your favorite Halloween character?

Hmm, my first thought goes to Lydia from beetlejuice. But, I honestly don’t think I have one specific favorite. I do have her on a tshirt though “I myself am strange and unusual”.

#9. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

The ones we have watched the most this year are The Nightmare Before Christmas and the new Addams Family movie. We have been trying out some new ones, too. Like The Babysitter’s Guide to Monsters (I think that is the name of it). Then we have watched some that we forgot about like Paranorman. Of course, we don’t get too scary around here with the kids. If I had to pick one to watch over and over it would be The Addams Family [1991].

#10. Do you visit haunted houses?

That is a big nope from me. I don’t need the extra anxiety from things jumping out at me. I think it would be fun to work at one though 🤣.

>>I still cannot believe 2020 is already almost over. The last 6 months feel fuzzy, like where are we and where have we been? October surely has been different for us this year because of corona virus. But, we are still here so that’s good.

Feel free to answer the questions for yourself and send them back to me!

Be well.

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