A Broken System That Needs to Do Better

You would think after all this talk about mental illness, we would be getting somewhere positive to make an actual difference in society.

I have seen and heard first hand how broken the system is. I understand why people do not “reach out for help” and end up in a terrible place. I would like to know where doctor’s and hospitals get their “what helps” information for people who are struggling. Have they ever thought to ask those who are struggling what is and is not helpful to them during their times of need?

The system is completely broken. At least where I live.

If a person is suicidal or homicidal and the cops are called, all the person has to do is say “no I’m not” and the cops will leave. Regardless if the person living with them knows otherwise and has video proof of it.

If you by chance end up in the hospital, psychiatric ward or the like, how are you being treated? Are they keeping you comatose for days? Are they giving you any say in your treatment plan? Are you getting adequate treatment to be able to function again? Are the staff making fun of others and using the word “crazy” like it is no big deal?

People claim to genuinely care. They say “we love you and are here for you. Reach out if you need someone.” Then when you do, it goes 1 of 2 ways. 1. Completely dismissed as if it isn’t to be taken seriously. Or #2 “you should go to the hospital”. Both in which are probably the worst responses that could possibly occur when someone needs it most.

This past weekend I was suffering big time. I am still not entirely myself, but am not lacking self control either. I wound up reaching out to the crisis text hotline. I sat and wait for over 10 minutes for someone to respond to me, but eventually gave up. I felt so alone and the hotline that is suppose to be there no matter what, wasn’t.

There has to be a better understanding. There has to be consistency throughout the healthcare system. So many people are afraid to reach out because of all the experiences listed above. Mental illness is not a choice. We are not struggling because we want to or want attention. Our brains are not firing properly and we cannot help it. The system needs to be better. Humanity deserves better.

Other than saying “go to the hospital” or “you need to get help” try some of these out.👇

Educate yourself. Keep the conversation with the struggling person going.

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