Journaling Prompts For Self Reflection [Quarantine Edition]

I am having an off day. It started out fine, but now everything is getting under my skin. I figured it would be beneficial to distract myself and what better way than to do some journaling?

Q&A quarantine Edition

1. What has quarantine taught you?

-I have always been a hermit crab. My mental illnesses [borderline personality disorder, ocd, ptsd, and anxiety] took a huge toll on my ability to feel safe. Now that we are quarantined and not really supposed to be going places, I find myself feeling compelled to do more. Normally I wouldn’t do anything without my husband present, but now all I want to do is go do something, anything. Maybe we all have our limits in being hermit crabs.

2. What are you glad you don’t have to do now because of quarantine?

-I really do not miss grocery shopping in the store. I have really come to enjoy picking up our groceries. It saves me time, money, and stress. I do still like “fun” types of shopping, but groceries isn’t one of them.

3. Have you realized anything you took for granted before quarantine?

-Not really that I can think of. Maybe just the fact that we are more cautious now about touching things and washing things more often. Not being able to just assume we won’t get sick just by talking to someone or touching something.

4. If you could have anything for the rest of quarantine what would it be?

-An endless amount of iced coffee and art supplies.

5. What will you tell your kids and grandkids about this time?

-I figure at some point I will not remember the exact time frame of all this. I think I will just remember wearing masks everywhere and perhaps the feeling of wanting to get out more.

6. What has been the easiest part?

-We have adjusted pretty well. I think that is because we sort of started this a year in advance because of our youngest son being a preemie and everything surrounding that story.

7. How are you increasing your knowledge?

-That is kind of a vague question. I have started to feel like less is more. The less I know the better about certain things. The news is all spin with hidden agendas so I don’t take anything they say as credible. I just try to focus on my family.

8. What were you looking forward to that has been canceled?

– Seeing extended family for birthdays was halted. We have basically limited it to our parents, siblings, and the few friends we see regularly. Nothing really important has been missed. I will be very upset if our fall activities get canceled though.

9. What is something you wish the world would learn from this?

-I honestly don’t know. Humanity itself is a mess.

10. What has the worst part of this been?

-The most challenging thing for us has probably been appointments. I have had to postpone many appointments because I cannot bring all the kids with me. Even to their appointments, I can’t bring the other kids with. I try to schedule for when Chris is home, but of course most offices close around 5pm.

11. What is the weirdest thing you have heard so far?

-Like I said, I sort of stopped paying attention to the madness. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there that had me eyerolling.

12. What has been your binge worthy show?

-Actually I started a group with my best friend for Netflix Bingers. It is like a book club, but for Netflix. We are currently watching Bates Motel. Otherwise I have been watching New Girl (again) and some movies for a list I am working on.

13. The first thing I am going to do when this is all over is?

-At this point I couldn’t tell you. It could be a long while before it is “over”.

14. I am taking this as an opportunity to…

-Continue working on myself, my home, and making memories with our kids.

15. What is something you have learned from yourself during this time?

-That I do eventually get stir crazy.

16. What has been the best source of entertainment?

-Probably movie nights.

17. What is the biggest way your life has changed?

-Just being more cautious I suppose, wearing masks and sanitizing constantly when we do go out.

18. What is something that won’t ever change?

-I don’t really know.

19. Have you been practicing anything?

-I have been sewing more and painting more. Trying to improve on both of those skills.

20. What does an average day look like for you?

-It depends on the day really. My son goes to school every other day. So on the days he has school it goes like this..

705AM wake up

715AM Get out of bed, get dressed. Wake up the kids. Make breakfast. Feed dogs. Let dogs out and back in. Maybe watch a kids show if there is time before we leave.

Leave at 8AM for school. Drop #1 off. Go to Panera for my free coffee. Go home. Give kids 748392 snacks. Clean. Watch kids shows. Pinterest. Text people. Eat food. Figure out dinner plans if I don’t already. Pickup #1 from school at 215PM. Come home. Kids do their chores. Hang out til Chris gets home. Make dinner. Hang out for a bit. Bathe the kids. Get them ready for bed. Bed time is 8PM. Then I get to do whatever I want. Watching my shows, doodling in my journal, writing, playing my game, take a shower, and eventually go to sleep.

The days he doesn’t have school is just a little different.

Wake up around 8AM. Feed kids. Let dogs in and out. Do online school work with #1. Then the rest is basically the same.

21. What is your go-to snack?

Well, I have been doing more lazy keto-ing lately. So my snacking lately is not keto. Recently I have enjoyed butter puffcorn and some home made snack mixes.

22. Have you done anything crazy out of boredom?

-Not really crazy, but I have dyed my hair probably 8 times since March. I dye it often anyway, I like change. I guess I did cut my hair too (maybe 7 or 8 inches off).

That is that! What have you been doing during quarantine? Let me know in the comments!

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