Letting My Preschooler Dye Her Hair

For those of you who know me or have followed my journey for awhile have seen the ongoing, never ending, transformation of my hair. I have had black hair, red, purple, pink, orange, teal, blonde, and galactic colors. Yes I have had “natural” colors, too. I just feel more like myself when my hair is different colors than the “natural” ones.

My daughter is 3 years old. She had been wanting her hair pink for awhile. I figured maybe she wants to be like me, or maybe she feels the ways I do about having colored hair. She is a very light blonde naturally.

So much sass in one little being.

If she wants to dye her hair, why shouldn’t I let her? So, we tried the koolaid method once. It dyed her roots and scalp more than anything, but she liked it.

After I went blonde, I had tried some unicorn dye from Ulta, it was a pink color and a sushi color. She decided she wanted her hair done too. So we dyed her hair pink. It came out fairly light, but she liked it.

She had her dentist checkup and one of the dental assistants said, “you are such a cool mom giving her pink hair!” Maybe it is because I remember wanting to feel confident in myself as a kid and being told “no” to my crazy ideas. But, I don’t think it makes me a “cool mom”. I want my kids to learn to love themselves however they feel is their best.

Then, I dyed my hair red, orange, and yellow (the yellow didn’t work and just turned orange). A couple of weeks later, she had asked me to give her a mohawk like her brother’s hair and dye it orange. Now, had she been of a little bit older, I would have given her the mohawk. It is just hair and if she is comfortable and feels her best that way, then why not. However, since she is 3, I just wasn’t sure if she actually wanted it buzzed or if she was just saying things. I decided to go ahead and give her a haircut though. Her hair is always tangled so bad, no matter what I do to it. I gave her a Bob and Bangs. She then demanded that I dye her hair orange. I had some left in my bottle from my hair, so I went for it. I think she looks so freaking cute with her new look! She reminded me of LeeLoo Dallas from The 5th Element the first few days after we dyed it. It has since faded some.

She is only 3, but I want to nurture her confidence. I think it’s important for any human to have confidence in themselves. I don’t want my kids to go through the mental problems that I have just from my lack of confidence because of some parenting mistakes. I think any good parent would say that. We just want to have happy kids.


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