It Could Be Worse – Covid Edition

The other day Grandma asked me if I knew anyone with Corona virus. As of right now, I am fortunate enough to not know anyone personally that has it. Though, my sister in law’s sister in law and aunt, did have it a couple months back.

I am so grateful that we have our health. I was reading some comments and people were talking about how mad they are that there isn’t anything to do. They also were complaining about needing highlights or roots refreshed. Surely, it could be so much worse.

For starters, you could be infected yourself. Someone you love could be infected.

My best friends just had their baby a few weeks ago, during all of this madness. Thankfully they are all doing just fine! I could not imagine being pregnant and delivering a baby right now. I was actually telling my in laws the other day how I was grateful that Bug came when he did because otherwise I could very well be pregnant right now. Plus, had his pregnancy occurred the exact same way that it did (but during this pandemic), I would be quarantined in the hospital literally all alone. I could not imagine having to live with all the uncertainty that I was ontop of a pandemic. I am thankful for the timing to have worked out for us. I am sure there are plenty of others who are going through all that right now and I definitely feel for them.

You could be living in a nursing home. You could have no contact with your family as you are living out your final days. Possibly wondering if you will die from whatever condition you are fighting already or if you will be exposed to Covid unknowingly by your lovely caretaker.

You could be dead, in a cold semi truck.

I guess what I am saying is, you can survive without polished nails, tans, haircuts, and things like that. You can survive being “bored”. But, many people have not, cannot, and won’t survive this virus. I for one will continue to be thankful for our health and wellbeing. We will continue to make the best out of being “bored”.

That is all,


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