A Journal To Document Our Self Isolating -4-

How is everyone doing lately? I hope you are all well and healthy!

We are all still doing just fine here. We certainly have been keeping busy though!

Bug turned 1 on April 17th! Seriously how did that happen already? We decorated some. I made his cake and some cupcakes for the other kids. He opened his presents that people sent to him. Overall, it was a relaxed but fun day.

Now that the weather has been amazing, we have been spending practically every day outside. We have been working on fixing up both the front and backyard. I even had my first try at the chainsaw! I turned around to find Chris had been taking my picture. There is still plenty to finish, but progress is progress!

We also got the kids a sandbox! They seriously love it! We put it together as a family last Sunday. That was a fun project!

I also decided to try out some DIY garden beds this year. I am starting small as I have a tendency to kill everything. I have tomatoes and bell peppers. My aunt gave me a DIY way to make raised beds from storage totes. I have plenty of those around here so it saved me at least 140$ to use those instead of buying a fancy wooden one. We will see how that goes.

I did treat myself a little bit with the stimulus deposit. I got a Fitbit Versa 2. It is such a fun tool! Especially if you are competitive, like I tend to be! Along with treating myself, I have been a little more adventurous in trying new things. For instance, those pesky ads you see for certain products. One in particular that kept popping up was Curology. I decided to give it a whirl. After all I only paid $5 for shipping. If it works, great! If not, then oh well. So far it has been about 2 weeks and I haven’t seen a whole lot of results yet, but stay tuned for that in a few weeks.

I also did a home trial with Warby Parker glasses. I have been in the mood for new frames. I have been sticking with the same shape for years now, though getting bigger in size. I wanted to try some out that I normally might not. The home trial sends you 5 pairs of glasses that you pick out. You have a week to try them on and then send them back. If you like one you can buy them for around $95 TOTAL!

Here are the ones I tried. What do you think? Any winners here?

I do have to get a new eye exam, so I am waiting for that before I decide.

We still have been doing a lot of art type things. Monkey and I painted our livingroom windows to look like under the sea.

We made some bird feeders out of what we had around the house. Mainly because I felt bad that we had to have our giant dead pine tree taken down (some birds have to move homes now).

But, also because the kids love watching wild life (we got a squirrel feeder too we just have not put it out yet).

We have been playing outside a lot; riding bikes, scooters, playing basketball, and coloring with chalk. I kept seeing people posting fun chalk pictures, so I decided we needed to have one of our own.

Can you name the movie?

Something about being outside, barefoot, and soaking up the sun makes for happy days for me lately. As for the kids…they love it outside! They would live out there if I would let them ha-ha!

As for me and my sanity, some days are better than others. I have been taking a lot of time for self reflection (perhaps I will save that for next time). I have been sticking with my keto lifestyle and adding in more exercise. I really am determined to get where I want to be. All in good time it shall happen!

All we are trying to do is stay sane and healthy during this madness. Some days are rough and some are wonderful. Life is all about the ups and downs, I just never thought we would be going through a pandemic simultaneously. It is what it is though. We will continue to do our best with what we have!

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