Be Smart. Be Reasonable.

What in Frank’s sake is going on!? I feel like we are living in a very weird time right now.

Yup, you guessed it. The Corona Virus.

On one hand we are being told the media is over playing the virus and it really isn’t as bad as others are saying. Then the government comes in and says prepare for the worst by stocking up on food and household essentials.

I know there is a seriousness to this, but holy macaroni what are people doing!? Do you really need a whole pallet of toilet paper? Do you really need the entire store’s supply of medical masks and gloves? What about healthcare workers needing to protect themselves working with the people who are ACTUALLY sick? Literally today my best friend told me people are stealing toilet paper from the hospital. What!? What is wrong with people!?

As we were discussing the craziness going on we were also talking about how one day this will be in history books. Or how our grandchildren will be asking us questions about it. I figured I should probably write about it during it’s madness while I still am coherent enough (incase I get dementia or something). So what’s it like right now?

Well, here in Nebraska, the store shelves are very bare, especially the canned goods and toiletries like toilet paper and sanitizer wipes. People are swarming the grocery stores like flies on poop trying to hoard items for what seems like the rest of the year.

My brother took this at Walmart while trying to go get their normal supply of toilet paper. They wound up ordering bidets and cloths off amazon.
Costco’s toilet paper area. My sister in law’s mom took this.

Schools are closing and businesses are closing. It feels like we are preparing for the zombie apocalypse or something. I personally have not gone crazy and buying crazy amounts of things. We were already well stocked on toilet paper [yay costco] prior to this whole pandemic. Having been on keto, IF something were to warrant us to be quarantined we would quickly run out of food choices. I did add non perishable foods to my grocery order for today. I didn’t buy an entire shelves worth, but maybe like 4 cans of each vegetable. Plus, the kids like them anyways so I know regardless it will be eaten.

There are what seems to be an infinite amount of memes trending about Corona. Poking fun at the insanity of people. I won’t lie, I get a kick too. However, you won’t know how serious it is until you are the one being affected directly. It is moments like these when we need to think about others, do you really need all the toilet paper? No, you don’t. If you buy a whole pallet, I hope it is because you are distributing it to your friends, family, or community. Be reasonable. If you are taking all the supplies then how will anyone else be safe? Be. Reasonable.

I also have seen people selling their hoarding piles on Facebook marketplace.

Like what are you doing with that many supplies? I am hoping that I still get the majority of my grocery order, but I won’t be surprised if more than half is out of stock by time they get to mine.

Today, my oldest son had an appointment at Children’s Hospital for an EKG test. Luckily I had received their notice prior to an appointment last week letting me know the new protocols. They said only children with appointments will be allowed in with one guardian. We will be checked in the vehicle upon arrival and again at check in.

Luckily it was painless and I understand the need to protect people. We got stopped 3 times and were asked the same questions each time. They were out of masks, but we did utilize their hand sanitizer every time we saw one.

It just feels bizzare having to go through these methods. I haven’t experienced anything like it before. I am hopeful that this is the worst of it. I cannot imagine what it is like in China and in Italy right now. I feel for all those people.

If nothing else, please be smart and reasonable.


15 replies to “Be Smart. Be Reasonable.

  1. Thanks for letting us know what it’s like over there. In Serbia, funnily enough, we have plenty of toilet paper – people here hoard meat and canned food. Those products are extinct. I dare say that’s a bit more dangerous actually 😦 there’s a lot of hungry people who literally have to eat gummy bears now since that’s the only thing they can get. Everyone is going so crazy.

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    1. Oh my!!! That is definitely more scary!! My mom is sending me pictures of the store totally wiped out of everything! I really hope the crazy doesn’t last and those people get the food they need!

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      1. I hope so, too. I hate thinking about these poor little grannies who barely get to the store and find nothing to buy because the hungry youth took everything. ): It makes me super sad.

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      2. I saw someone suggesting an elderly only time frame for groceries. I think that is a great idea for those who can move around, but am unsure about those who cannot how they would do that.

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