Spring Cleaning 2020 [part 1]

I decided after halfway through this post that this would be better if done in a series. So, here is part 1 of who knows how many. 😅

When I was younger, cleaning was the most horrific thing you could ask me to do. I remember being so overwhelmed with anger when my mom would tell me to clean the kitchen that I would literally break dishes just so I would not have to wash them. Aggressive much? Yes, I was back then. I think I have realized since that deep down there was something bigger going on.

I wasn’t being defiant just to be a jerk. I literally was so overwhelmed at the thought because when I clean, I go in full force. I am talking pull out every appliance and clean under it, beside it, on it, and everything in between. No one else did it that way. It would go years without being done had it not been for me on the times I actually obliged. You can imagine the build up under and around the oven alone. We had dogs and cats all of the time, plus the dropped food or sauce splashings that went unnoticed by everyone else (or maybe they just didn’t care). Long story short, it got nasty and stayed that way for a long time.

I have yet to meet anyone who cleans to my standards- if you want to call it that. Sure people use bleach or clorox wipes, but are they really getting every nook and cranny?

I have grown up quite a lot since my plate breaking days. Now that I have my own home to take care of, nothing makes me feel better than a really good clean! Unfortunately, it doesn’t always get as deep as I want it to; 3 young kids keep me pretty occupied. However, when the opportunity rises, I just HAVE to get it done!

The season changes usually bring on the anxiety for me for the home. If you have ever been through the nesting phase of pregnancy, then you will know how that feels. It is the only way I can describe it for people to understand. It feels like nesting, needing to clean every nook and cranny, declutter, and organize every single thing. It is purging wardrobes to make room for the next season and with kids, the upcoming size changes.

Now that the snow season is over (or seems to be anyway), the feelings have set in. I have begun the process once again to get the house in order.

On Sunday afternoon, Chris took Bug and went upstairs for a nap. I saw the opportunity to take on some of the things that have been bothering me. It started in the den.

It may not appear that bad to you, but here all I see is clutter, disorder, dirty walls, dirty paw print floors filled with pet hair, and a room that is hardly ever used. This room started as a family room of sorts, it had an entertainment center and a couch (the one pictured) that I was so excited about getting (farmhouse dreams). I realized we never used it as we intended to. We gravitate towards our other family room, where there is room for the sectional. The dogs have taken over the couch, Ellie (still a pup) chewed through one of the cushions. It became the dog’s couch. A $700 purchase that ended up going to the dogs. Ugh! I can’t stand it!

I can’t forget about the Christmas decor that my husband decided he liked all year round, but left it falling off the mantle. Then after our doll house making adventure it became a craft room and a dining hall for the big family Christmas dinner. Add in the treadmill I was so excited about getting and you get one hot mess of a room.

Now, I had thought I really wanted to surprise Chris and the family with a den that we would actually use. I had ideas about a pool table and a built in bar area, but that all costs money. Money I just don’t want to throw away again on something that may just sit and collect dust. So, what else is there other than a gym/craft space for myself?

So back to what I was saying….Sunday afternoon [March 8th] Chris had taken Bug upstairs for a nap. I started by manhandling the couch by myself through the back door, through the yard, through the gate, through the side yard, moved both vehicles out of the way, and put the couch in the garage. I took the ever so beautiful falling Christmas garland down, a few Christmas pieces I had sitting on the dog’s kennel (not pictured, they were behind me in the picture) and essentially got all of the random things onto the craft table. I took the dog kennels outside, moved the treadmill and vacuumed all the loose animal hair.

Next thing on the agenda was washing the walls! I have been starring at these nasty walls every time I let the dogs in or out. I literally just never seem to get the time to do it without a baby or children up my caboose. Finally I was able to fill my bowl with hot soapy water, grabbed a plethora of utility rags, a sponge, 2 cleaning toothbrushes, and some spotify music for motivation. I also got my steam mop prepared [orange essential oils mixed in the water].

Just seeing this picture makes me cringe. Especially knowing other people are seeing it and likely judging the yuck on the walls. Ugh! I just can’t even! But, I also know many people live the same if not worse, so it is whatever. I can be vulnerable. This picture is actually where the dog kennels go next to the muddy backdoor that never stays clean. Anyways, I scrubbed and scrubbed the walls and edges of the floor. Monkey likes to try and “help” me clean. I try to do my best not to let my OCD nature take over and let her help me, but usually it takes 500 times as long or she makes a bigger mess. I sent her to the other side of the room with the toothbrushes. She felt like she was helping and she wasn’t in the way of my work space.

I scrubbed the frame of the backdoor as best as I could. I vacuumed the stairs that go up to the kitchen. Pro Tip: use your hand to scrape through the carpet to loosen the pet hair that is embedded into the fibers. I know they make tools for this, but hands are free and work just as well! You might be surprised at how much you pull out that you didn’t know was there.

Then I swept through the room for good measure and vacuumed up whatever debris that got me. I turned the steam mop on and did the entire room. I love my steam mop! It is better than using harsh chemicals, especially where your kids and pets run and play through all the time. You don’t get the harsh smell of fumes of cleaner throughout the house. Plus, the pads are machine washable! Ecofriendly win! Add in the essential oils and all you have is a fresh clean floor! Nothing toxic about it!

Part 2 is still in progress as I am on the hunt for inexpensive solutions for my crafting area. I am hoping to find and resolve the rest tonight! So stay tuned for the update!! Here is what the den looks like as of now when this post goes up!

Do you spring clean? Let me know all about it!


[Added at 530PM. No success on craft table as of yet. Monkey barfed all over clothes at the thrift store and again at home. Yay. Try again next time.]

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