30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day twenty nine

Day 29.


I can honestly say that I do not have any toxic relationships left in my life. About 2 and a half years ago or so is when I decided NO MORE! I had zero tolerance for relationships that didn’t bring me happiness. I didn’t let blood (family) or ideas of hope (for change) stop me from ridding my life of these toxic relationships.

I still have held firm on my position and do not miss what once was. I don’t dwell on the hope that one day it would change, because I am confident it never will. I let them go.

However with that said, this challenge has me thinking. It didn’t specify that it had to be with another person. I was thinking how the relationship with myself can sometimes be toxic. In many ways I love who I am. I am a strong, opinionated, and determined woman. However, the one thing that tends to hold me back (be in anxiety related or not), is my self esteem. I have come a long way, that is for sure, but it can always be improved. I have to stop demoting my self worth. I have a tendency to see myself as lesser in some aspects, but I really know that deep down it isn’t true. It just comes with the territory I suppose.

I need to start more positive self talk/thinking.

– I am confident.

– I am a great mother and wife.

– I deserve my family.

– I deserve happiness.

Just a few to start.

I hope you all have positive self talk! You should implement more if you don’t already. Happy Wednesday!

He is pooping🤣

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