30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day twenty seven

Day 27.


I cannot tell you how many emails of junk I get a day. I am all for signing up for them for coupon purposes. However, usually I don’t need the ongoing subscription. I do like to keep a few for places that we visit because saving money is awesome.

I came across a pin on Pinterest for unsubscribing in an easy mass quantity. It is an app, but my phone apparently doesn’t support that so I just signed up through, can you guess? EMAIL.

It is called unroll.me

It only took about a minute to load all the subscriptions that I have. Then you choose to keep them or unsubscribe.

I unsubscribed to 40 different places! I am certain I won’t miss any of them!

Do you subscribe to everything? If you do you should give unroll.me a shot!

3 replies to “30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day twenty seven

    1. I wound up creating a separate email for blog purposes and have transitioned most of my subscriptions to that email. I could spend hours trying to delete everything in my emails, and probably should, but it just seems like a daunting task lol. So much spam!

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