30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day twenty five

Day 25.


Ever since we decided to spend less money on things, we have been spending time looking up free things in our city. When you stay home most of the time you can get a little stir crazy. Plus, it is nice to be able to take the kids out and let them explore.

Something I am not sure a lot of people know about is what we did yesterday; Geocaching. Geocaching is like going on a treasure hunt, except you aren’t looking for anything of physical value. Usually it is a container filled with a paper log of everyone who has previously found said treasure. There also are some containers that you take a treasure from and leave your own behind for someone else. Some containers are take only. The app has all of that information listed on each location.

You start by either going to the website Geocaching or downloading the app. You create an account and locate a site to pursue. You follow the map to the site and search for the container. Sometimes you have to look really hard, up in a tree, under a park bench, in a bush, or buried somewhere. People get really creative with these things. One thing I like to look at is how long the cache has been in its location. Some have been there for 10 years!

So yesterday we set out for a geocaching adventure. We also got our free pizza from Casey’s; meatball and pepperoni pizza. Definitely not keto, but sometimes you have to “live a little”.

I didn’t get pictures of all the treasures we hunted for, but here are a couple of them.

I think we hit about 6 or 7 sites. Some of them were pretty hard to find, but it makes the anticipation and reward seem that much better. The whole family really enjoyed the adventure. The kids were asking if we could go again today.

We finished the night at home playing some card games.

Having fun doesn’t always need to cost money, especially when you have several people to accommodate.

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