30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day twenty

Day 20!


I am starting to wonder if my to-do list is insanely loaded because I am at home looking at things all day long. I almost always have a to-do list whether on my phone, on paper, or just mental notes. It never seems to be able to be finished and STAY finished. Like seriously, I have done our bedroom twice since this challenge started and of course they already need to be done again (hubby had a wild hair up his butt to switch some things around the other day).

The stress and anxiety of all of these things has been bad all day long. I decided to physically write room by room the things that I need and want to get done. Writing it out helps me to see how much of a load my mind is carrying. It also showed my husband all of the things I am thinking about on a daily basis. He was a bit taken back when I showed him my list.

I figure, I will prioritize the list between things I can do now and things that will have to be done within our budget. It will probably take awhile to finish this list since I can’t spend all day completing it. But, at least having it to look at will mean I won’t forget anything and I can cross it off as I go.

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