30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day nineteen

Day 19.


I had a mentally rough night last night. Followed by basically an all nighter with the baby. Long story short, I really wanted to spend the day in bed. That didn’t happen though. All day I was thinking about how I could create a relaxing space and what that even means to me. Having a clean space with cozy elements is relaxing to me. Watching romantic or dramatic comedies is relaxing to me. Foregoing responsibilities can be relaxing, too. However, none of that really was able to happen today. Which is fine.

I was laying in bed and my brain was still spinning from the things that have happened in the last 24 hours. I may have even made some not so good remarks to Chris. Not being entirely meaningful in the words, but just trying to express the pain I am feeling inside.

I decided I couldn’t just lay there and wonder about the 1,000 things that was on my mind. So, what is my go to for relaxing when everyone is in bed?

A bubble bath of course!

I also like to occupy my mind while relaxing in the bath. I decided to do some paint by numbers on my phone. I have been working on the scooby doo ones the Happy Color app has [#notsponsored].

It’s more like a tap by numbers, but still, it gives me something to focus on. It helps.

What relaxing space is your go to?

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