30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day sixteen

Day sixteen.


This morning when I read the challenge for the day I thought it would be easy to accomplish. I didn’t have any plans for the day that would involve needing to spend money. I went about my typical business, take pickle to school and then come home. I tried to put laundry away, but Bug was screaming at me. He was tired. I left the sock pairing for later. I laid down with Bug in my bed, Monkey quickly followed. Somehow we all 3 managed to fall asleep for about 2 hours. Yay!

When I woke up, I made lunch and sat in the livingroom to play with the kids. My mom and I were messaging and I was telling her how I can’t get anything done because Bug is awfully needy. After a few back and forths she had volunteered to watch the kids so that I can do some uninterrupted cleaning.

I always think of this saying “it takes a village to raise children”. I think what the statement should say is “it takes a village to maintain some sanity while raising children”.

However, since this was decided on such a whim, my first instinct was that I need to buy the kids some fast food and that I could do a Target driveup for a few cleaning things. I tend to like disinfectant wipes to clean. BUT! I not only was challenged to not spend money, but I also have been trying to find more ways to be eco friendly. So, I opted to stop home (I was at the school waiting for Pickle to get out) and grab some snacks and a box of mac and cheese instead of the drive thru.

When I got home, I rounded up all the cleaning supplies that I could. I determined that I had more than enough to accomplish things around here. In the 4 hours I had to myself I got about half of my “making me bananas” list done. The bathrooms are pristine. My bedroom is once again clutter free. The kids bathroom hall closet got cleaned out. We will be donating some blankets to the humane society. I went through some baby stuff. I have some to give to our friends and some for goodwill. I also vacuumed all the stairs (we have 5 sets of stairs), the livingroom, and half of the den where the dog hair accumulates.

Normally I would have spent money if something spontaneously arose like it did today, but I am glad that I didn’t because I had plenty of stuff to make it happen!

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