30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day fourteen

Day 14.


I had to check the bank account to make sure my memory was accurate. Let’s see here…

Starting with the most recent purchase I made…[do we include subscriptions?]

If subscriptions are included the most recent transaction is for Netflix. It is the only form of t.v. we pay for. I do not believe in cable. Netflix is more than sufficient for us.

Not including subscriptions here are my recent 5 purchases.

1. Dollar tree for a Valentine’s project.

2. Walgreens for Valentine’s project and Bug’s 10 month photo prop.

3. Poshmark

4. Poshmark

5. Poshmark

Why so many poshmark charges? I will gladly tell you! I like to make sure the kids have adequate clothing for the upcoming seasons. Things tend to sell in that way and I don’t like missing out on good deals. Bug had plenty of hand me downs from Pickle and my cousin’s sons. Pickle is too tall and skinny so we will be taking him to try stuff on at the store another day. But Monkey doesn’t didn’t have any spring/summer stuff in her size. I wound up getting some awesome deals for a whole wardrobe. I used my credit from selling stuff for most of it, but there were a couple overages. One literally was 35 cents more than my credit. I had more funds come in after that and so another lot I purchased was 3 dollars and some change. Then I wound up finding a good deal on a lot of hardly used shoes for $8! That even included some really cute Tom’s! I love that I am not having to spend $200+ per season anymore to clothe the kids. Resale is where it’s at!!

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