30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day ten

Day ten.


Honestly this one isn’t too challenging for me. Most days I don’t wear makeup. If for some reason I do wear wear makeup it’s usually just mascara and lipstick.

I use to think the only way I was beautiful was to wear makeup. I use to wear a lot of makeup for that reason. I have realized that I am beautiful with or without it. I don’t need it to show my face in public. I don’t need it to feel good about myself. It isn’t a necessity. Life isn’t a fashion show trying to impress people you won’t ever meet. The only opinion on my appearance that matters is my own. I choose to love myself whole heartedly.

2 replies to “30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day ten

  1. I enjoy makeup, but it just takes too much time futzing about. I also feel like it makes physical closeness more difficult – I don’t want to worry about whether my son is going to touch my face or if I’ll get makeup on my partner if we cuddle. With rare exceptions, it’s just not worth it for me.

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    1. I understand your perspective! I don’t wear enough to get it on my husband, though I can imagine some people do. I usually wear waterproof mascara and long wear lipsticks that are hard to get off. But most days I am too tired to even do that.


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