30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day six

Day 6!


645AM. Woke up, hit snooze.

7AM. Officially awake. Check phone for time and clear notifications. Laid for 10 minutes more in bed to gather my thoughts.

710AM. Turn on the kid’s lights. Go to the bathroom. Make a bottle. Notice Bug peeking at me from my bed. Took Monkey potty. Gave Bug bottle. Got myself dressed. Outfit of the day…

Changed Bug’s diaper. Grabbed empty bottle, dirty diaper, pacifier, and Bug and took it all downstairs with the 2 big kids following behind. Threw away diaper. Put bottle in dirty bin. Made kids cereal. Let dogs outside. Fed dogs. Let dogs inside. Made coffee and took one drink, enough to take my medication and vitamin. Let dogs outside again. Simultaneously texting my best friend. Pickle’s lunch in his backpack. Got Monkey her medicine. Got the kids their vitamins and took out meat for dinner. Got my shoes and our coats ready. Put bowls in sink. Got Monkey’s boots and hat on.

745AM. Got the dogs in their kennels. Grabbed coats, diaper bag, Bug, phone, and keys. Loaded up the van. Wait until 755AM to leave so the van can warm up a little. During that time, I check my notifications on my phone. 755AM leave for school. Get Pickle to school and head to Dr. appointment for Bug’s checkup. 815AM. Get to appointment too early, so we sit in the van and I started this here post. Bug is crying because he wants out and Monkey keeps asking to get out.

825AM. checked in at Dr. We are watching Despicable Me in the waiting room.

840AM. Called back to the exam room. Got vitals done and waited for pediatrician.

908AM. Leave doctor’s office. Trying to decide if I should stop for coffee or not. Hmmm. Decided not to waste $6 and headed home.

920AM-ish. Got home. Put Bug in the highchair. Went to bathroom. Let the dogs out of kennels and let them outside. Made coffee. Texted a couple people. Let dogs inside.

Bug started screaming.

That means it is nap time.

Or is it?

936AM. Monkey is playing in her room, which needs a serious cleaning.

Project for later today 😳

I’m trying to get Bug to sleep so I can get laundry put away. Also, I am having difficulty putting weight on my right knee. Ugh!

And finally.. 943AM

Of course I can’t move right away. I usually give it about 5 to 10 minutes before trying. Meanwhile, Monkey had me dress her L.O.L doll.

950AM. Picked up kid’s bathroom. Ellie wanted attention so I sat down on the side of the tub and pet her for a bit.

Alright, now since I can’t see in my room too well with the light off, I am going to clean the boy’s room and bring the laundry in there. Hopefully Bug stays asleep in his little nest.


Pickle tends to have a hoarding issue. He thinks he has to save everything, even a deflated balloon from a month ago. I found homework he had hidden under his dresser, so that will be a fun parenting moment when he gets home from school. I cleaned out the closet and Bug’s dresser.

I made a call to Chris and talked to him for a few minutes about redoing our basement and a couple things having to do with the kid’s rooms.

I’m going to get them some new curtains. All I have left to do is put Pickle’s bedding on, switch out Bug’s pillowcase, bag up the clothes that don’t fit, fold some blankets, and vacuum. But, it will have to wait as Bug is awake now and we are all hungry for some lunch. 1115AM.

Brought the kids downstairs. Let the dogs outside. Made kids some lunch.

Then I take a peek in the fridge to decide what I want to eat as I haven’t eaten yet today. First, I grabbed my sparkling water and then looked in the fridge again.

Finally I decided to make chicken salad. Simultaneously I warm up a bottle for Bug. Let the dogs inside, but they are really wet and muddy, so into the kennels they go until Chris gets home. Kona doesn’t let me touch his paws. Finally I get to eat!

Of course we can’t eat lunch without a dance party! Monkey has been requesting, baby shark, the poop song, the fart song, and who let the dogs out.

Video might be sideways.

I finish up eating my food and then clean up the kid’s messes. 1140AM.

Bring Bug upstairs, of course Monkey follows, and I change his diaper. I put him in the exersaucer and look online for curtains to order. Found some, boom, done! 1154AM. Time for some laundry and making my bed. Add in some spotify music.

Got all the hanging stuff put away and most of the folded, but Bug was getting really mad at me for not holding him. Imagine that, hah! Changed his diaper and put some pants on him. Now he and Monkey are playing on my bed. 1240PM.

There is still a lot I want to do, but it seems difficult with a baby that just wants to explore every single thing. So for now if I can just get this last bit of laundry put away that would be wonderous.

115PM-ish. Got laundry put away. Bug was giving me a dental exam.

Grabbed Bug and came downstairs as my mom started a facetime call. Lasted about 33 minutes. Changed Bug’s diaper. The kids are now currently pulling out all the DVD cases from the tv stand and I am making sales on Poshmark. 205PM.

As I sit on the floor, Monkey keeps insisting on songs again. She is making me tell ‘Alexa’ what to play. Bug is playing with his table toy. I’m tired, my knee hurts, and all I can think about is the 164 things I still want to get done.

220PM. Monkey is using a chair as a McDonald’s drive thru window. She is having me take her order and “make” her food. Happy meals that must have cheeseburgers, yogurt, fries, and sprite.

She also took practically all of the couch pillows off the couch to use to make herself a house. Now she ran upstairs to the bathroom and I can hear the sink running. Which means she is giving something a bath. Chris should be home any minute now from work. I placed a pickup order for the mail tomorrow. And now Bug is whining again. He is teething, poor booger.

237PM. Chris just got home from work. Yay! Snack time for me!

Atkins cookie dough bar and more sparkling water. Made my way to the basement to get the shipping label off the printer.

256PM. Chris is leaving to get Pickle and boxes from the post office. I am trying to get Bug to nap again and monkey is watching Word Party. I’m taking a break, especially with this painful knee. I am pinteresting ideas for our basement.

350PM-ish. Chris and Pickle get home. Pickle comes up because Chris told him I needed to talk to him. Had conversation about hoarding and hiding homework. Moved on to packaging poshmark sales. I watched Chris help Pickle with one of the assignments that he hid.

Now I am going back to trying to clean up where I left off in the boy’s room.

445PM. Boy’s room is done. Now time to cook dinner.

We sat down to eat around 540PM. After dinner I loaded the dishwasher. I also went ahead and wrote out February’s agenda on our big calendar. As well as this weeks meals, it is nice when people ask “what is for dinner?” all I have to do is say “did you check the board?” Haha. I mainly use it for myself so I don’t forget what meals we bought stuff for.

Now it is 620PM and I am worn out. My knee is still bothering me. I could go to sleep now, but that isn’t feasible. Instead I will vegetate on the bed in hopes to have a few minutes to myself. Monkey’s room will have to wait another day. Luckily bed time is in about an hour. Though I am sure by then I will be on my second wind, wide awake.

635PM. Pickle found me and decided to use the fake hair tools to do my hair. Chris brought bug to me so he could bathe monkey. I changed Bug’s diaper and now we are hanging out on my bed.

That about sums up my day today.

How was yours?

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