30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day four

One of my least favorite areas of our house, but also probably my favorite, is our bedroom. I don’t know about other people, but the master bedroom seems to be the room where everything ends up.

Something that constantly gets overlooked in our room are the tables and dressers. I mentioned that we are in the process of redoing our room. In doing so we eliminated the 2 tables we used as nightstands. I have not missed having one on my side because it was always full of junk! We do still have a table on my husband’s side of the bed, but we switched it to one with 2 drawers instead of a completely open table.

So today’s task for this challenge was one that has needed to be done for awhile!


So here are the before pictures.

It only took me about 15 minutes to clean them off. The kids were excited to put the change that I found in their piggy banks. I really should pay more attention to these catch all areas and not say “meh, I will get it later”. Later turns into days then months and then never. As much as I clean I feel like this wouldn’t be an issue. I have been working on teaching the kids not to put all their random stuff in our room. Pickle really enjoys building legos and gifting them to us. He insists they go on the dressers for us to see. Monkey will bring toys in and then be distracted and forget she brought them in. Add in random change, garbage from bandaids, medicine stuff for the baby, cough drops, and so on. It just collects and collects. Ugh!

But, it is clean now and clean it shall stay!!!

P.s. don’t mind the beat up dresser. It has been through a lot in it’s life time.

Are your dressers clean? Does your room seem to collect things like ours? Let me know about it!

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