30 Day Minimalism Challenge: day two

First let me start with a little update from yesterday’s Closet Purge. I wound up selling 6 items out of my Poshmark Closet! It feels good to get some money back for items that are just taking up space.

Now onto day two!


So, I really don’t have a purse that I use. I just find it more practical to carry one bag around and that is the diaper bag. With 3 kids you can imagine how much stuff we “need” to carry around. If you are new here (welcome!) I have a 6 year old, 3 year old, and a 9.5 month old. We have had this diaper bag since our 3 year old was a baby. It has withstood the test of time out of all the other bags we have had over the years.

Typically my husband is the one who stocks the diaper bag. I won’t lie though, it has probably been a couple of months since it has had a thorough cleaning. So, I actually was excited to get this one done!

It looks like it is packed out! I pulled everything out of every single pocket and here is what that looked like.

Diapers, clothes, bandaids, sunscreen, feminine pads, makeup, random rubberbands, gum wrappers, wipes, flushable wipes, pull ups, a headband, a hair tie, baby tylenol, baby snacks, some old baby lotion, a glasses tool, a couple random clothing tags, a dining out help guide, my wallet, and some chapstick. So much stuff!

I started by throwing away anything that was trash or expired. I looked through the clothes to see if they were even the right sizes (some were, some weren’t). Once I had what was left I organized it back into the bag. I have to restock a few clothing items (in the right size) and then it will be good to go!

Though, I did see cleaning out my wallet was on the list for another day, I figured I would just knock that out while I was here too.

I have about $2 in change. Random receipts from McDonald’s, Joann’s fabric store, and the library. I took everything out and threw most of it away. I reorganized the important stuff and put it back into my wallet. It was left looking like this…

I really enjoy organizing and decluttering. I don’t always feel like I have enough time and energy to do it when I think about it. So having this checklist is a really great tool!I challenge you to clean out your wallet or bag! You may be surprised what you still have in there!

Until tomorrow,

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