Never Stop “Dating” Your Partner

It is crazy to think my husband and I have been together almost ten years now. It doesn’t seem like that long, but at the same time I feel like we have been together my whole life. I honestly can’t even begin to wonder what we will be doing in another 10 years.

In a 10 year span we have gone through a lot! Something we have never really done a lot of persay is going on dates. Most of our “dating” period was spent at each other’s houses until we got a place of our own. It never bothered us much as we had plenty of really great times!

Now that we have been together almost ten years (married for almost 8) and have 3 kids that keep us both a little high strung, busy, and exhausted: dates (home or out) are not always a priority. We really believe in including our kids in as much as we can. Not only that, but “pawning” 3 kids off on relatives just makes me feel guilty.

However, a couple of weeks ago, Chris legitimately asked me if I would go on a date with him. I was a bit taken back as he has never actually been the type to ask in that sort of way before. It was really cute. He had mentioned he already had the kids taken care of and that he would pick me up the following Monday evening. What else could I do but say, yes! I honestly can’t remember the last time we went on a legitimate date by ourselves.

He happened to be on vacation the week of our impending date, which certainly helped! He wouldn’t tell me where we were going to go, so the mystery was fun! The days leading up to our date night, we reminded the kids what the plan was. Pickle was on board, Bug is too young to even understand, but Monkey was a little sad. Her response was, “but, I am a girl. I just want to come with you on the date.” We reassured her that we would take her on a date soon and she let it go eventually.

Monday rolls around and I have no clue what to wear. Pickle took it upon himself to dictate what was appropriate to wear for our date. Chris was being silly asking him if he should wear his shirt like a belly shirt. Pickle said, “no! That is silly! You need to look nice!” Chris showed him a few choices and said “is this nice?” to each one before Pickle decided on one.

Then it was my turn. I originally had an outfit on, but my mind wanted to play dress up I think. I grabbed a couple options and Pickle said, “no, you need something beautiful. Do you have dresses still?” I showed him half my closet that is full of dress options. He picked the one he thought was the most beautiful. I put it on with the jeans I was already wearing and a black crochet kimono. He said he liked it. I was not feeling the jeans with it.

So, naturally, I change my jeans and put tights on instead.

I felt like the tights and kimono clashed too much for me. And I couldn’t wear the dress without something on my arms (it is cold here). So back to the closet I went. I had grabbed the 2 skirts that I bought from poshmark not that long ago. Remembering my thoughts when I purchased it, but realizing I still never actually wore them yet. So I put one on. I really like high waisted skirts, so I felt comfortable in that choice. But then I had to figure out what top to wear with it. Pickle insisted that my sweaters weren’t beautiful enough. He wanted me to wear a black floral baby doll top with my black skirt, black tights, and black ankle boots. Normally I am all for the black on black on black, but I wanted to spice it up. I grabbed a few of the tops that Chris had specifically picked out for me during a shopping trip nearly 2 years ago, that I have hardly worn. I decided to go for it. Pickle was pleased and announced I was ready to go.

We ended up going to dinner at Kona Grill. We love their sushi and haven’t been there in probably 2 years. We ended up getting there during happy hour, score! I didn’t get pictures because I felt like we just needed to keep our phones put away. We had 2 different sushi dishes. He had a sake bomber and he had some spicy jambalaya for his dinner. I had macadamia nut crusted chicken, broccoli, and potatoes. It was delicious! We had a lot of conversational time, which is something I always thrive on. Afterwards, we walked around in the light rain through the strip mall area. We wound up stopping to get some ice cream from Cold Stone. Definitely not keto friendly, but sometimes you have to choose for the moment. We walked around some more with our ice cream. Checked out an unrealistically expensive activewear store and then headed back to the car. I personally wasn’t ready to go back home just yet. Like I said, I thrive on our conversations. We drove around for a bit just talking. Then of course, we had to get back home to our hoodlums. They were excited to see us.

I was so incredibly thankful that we had some time to ourselves. It doesn’t come often, but it is also necessary at times. We decided we are going to try harder to make this happen at least once a month, even if it means date nights at home after the kids are asleep. It is important to never stop “dating” your partner. Even though, it can seem challenging to do when you have littles, it isn’t impossible. It sometimes takes a village and we are always grateful for ours. I want to share ideas on what we do for our “dates”. So look for that one soon! In the meantime, leave me some ideas that don’t break the bank, in my comments down below!

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