Who Am I? (Plus Love Languages)

Going off my last post, WHO ARE YOU? I have been taking the time to write out a well thought out snippet of who I believe I am as an individual  outside of my mother and wifely “duties”. But, for time sake, I am going to keep this on the lighter side for now and just cut it down to a couple main points.

For starters, I am an artist. An artist to me is someone who creates. I don’t feel like I could stick to just one method of creating. I have a serious passion for creating. Whether it is painting, drawing, crafting, writing, decorating, fashion, cooking, or singing. All of these things set my soul on fire. I am learning to incorporate it more into my daily life so that I am living my best life!

I am a planner. I am constantly brainstorming and planning things. It keeps me motivated. It keeps me in check. Though, sometimes, it does make me feel like a bit of a failure when I can’t accomplish every. single. thing. I am learning that it is okay so long as priorities are taken care of.

Love Languages

Now, as far as love languages goes for those who are curious. There are 5 love languages; acts of service, gifts, touch, words of affirmation and quality time. I have taken this test a few times and so far my results are always the same. Though, I imagine as people change their love language can too.

My top two results were only a couple points off of each other; words of affirmation and touch. Then quality time was third. Followed by a small amount of acts of service and zero for gifts. My husband is the complete opposite of me; kinda funny right?
If I remember correctly his was, quality time, gifts, acts of service,  touch, and words of affirmation. Though I do remember he did score relatively close on all of them. I guess he just likes a balance? We are still learning.

I always find things like these tests thought provoking and a way to learn more about yourself as well as your partner. Sort of like the good ol’ quizzes in a Cosmo magazine. Was I the only teen that would steal those from her mom just for the tests?

Anyways, it is funny how we (my husband and I) express love in the way we want to receive love. He is always getting me little surprises and never sits down until it is dinner time, as he is constantly doing something to contribute to the house. Where as I am always expressing myself through words, notes, or text messages. Or
I express through touch (not necessarily sexual- get out of the gutter!- trying to tickle him (which he hates), holding his arm or hand, and little gentle touches.

I find it all entirely fascinating. What about you?

Though, I do enjoy reading personal things about people, I know people aren’t always that into being vulnerable. If you are a type that likes to share, feel free to leave a comment for me! If not, I at least encourage you to write it out for yourself. And BE HONEST! Also, if you have taken the love languages test, feel free to share! If not, you should take it!


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