Weekend Wrap Up! [Monkey’s 3rd birthday]

Hey howdy ho!!

Another busy weekend in the books!

Friday was pretty much typical. Pay some bills, get some groceries, and hang out at home.

Saturday, Chris had to work to make up for the holiday. I had a raging headache all morning and into the afternoon. I am guessing it is the start of the keto flu. Needless to say, I napped a lot throughout the morning and into the afternoon when the children were taken care of, of course. Around 2pm I finally started to get up as we had plans for the evening. Monkey had been acting off all day. She had been complaining of growing pains all week. But, she just kept throwing herself on the bed or floor and not wanting to be talked to. Eventually she fell asleep in the bed with Bug and I, but I did have to wake her up to start getting ready to leave. It took a little convincing, but eventually she did. We got dressed and then we left. We dropped Pickle off at my sister’s house.

We have decided for birthdays for our kids, we aren’t buying presents anymore. Instead they will get a special date just for them. So her special date was getting a princess makeover at the salon and going to dinner all dressed up. Chris got her pink roses, too.

She really liked the princess treatment. After that we went to dinner. We wound up taking her to Texas Roadhouse, specifically because she is into horses (all things farm) and they let you sit on a saddle for your birthday. Well, she sat on the saddle, but the loudness of the people yelling “yeehaw” made her cry. So, that was a little traumatic for her.

After we ate we picked up Pickle and my nephew. We went and picked up presents from my mom’s house since my step dad is too sick and my mom could be a carrier they couldn’t come to her party. Then we headed home. My grandma is in town from California and we planned for her to spend the night with us Saturday so she could be here the morning of the party. She got to our house around 730-8pm. We (more like she haha) talked for awhile and then decided to watch the movie Green Lantern. After the movie I had taken Bug upstairs to put him to bed and Chris was going to show Grandma how to use the firestick in the guest room.

I made it to my room and put Bug in his bed when all of a sudden I heard a loud boom! I yelled “what was that!?” And I heard my grandma make a weird noise and Chris said something like “what happened!?” As I am trying to run back down the stairs, Pickle comes running up saying Grandma fell down the stairs.

Long story short, the ambulance and fire truck paid us a visit and took my grandma to the hospital. She broke her wrist pretty bad and will likely need surgery when she goes back home. She is doing okay though.

Then today, was Monkey’s 3rd birthday! I slept in a little bit (though I didn’t really go to bed until after 3am). By 11am we were all ready to go pick up her cake and donuts for her party. Since we told them noon, I figured we might as well get the decorations up. She had a cowgirl theme this year.

Here is after we got the cake and donuts added.

Around 130pm, people started showing up for her party. It turned into a football party for a little bit. The kids played pin the tail on the horse, everyone ate donuts, we sang happy birthday, ate cake, and opened presents.

After pretty much everyone left, I made the kids dinner (monkey requested mac n cheese) and I made egg salad lettuce wraps for Chris and I. Then it was time to get the kids ready for bed, school starts again tomorrow!

Bug was asleep, but has since woken up twice screaming bloody murder for cuddles. Monkey keeps coming in my room, thinking she is being sneaky. I’m like “hello, I can see you” and she goes back to bed. Bug was asleep and she insisted that he needed a bunny to sleep with and then Dumbo, too. After sending her back to bed again, she came back, insisting she was now scared since her movie was over.

Throughout all of this madness, Chris is still snoring. I don’t know how he does it! If I slept that hard I would not need a nap during the day or coffee to function. It doesn’t seem fair haha.

Well, Bug is screaming again.

Guess that is my cue.

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      1. Well she was suppose to and we had specifically rearranged the house to turn the room back into a guest room, but after she fell my uncle (her son) went to the hospital with her. She stays with him when she comes and is probably more comfortable in her set up there now that she is in a cast and sling. Plus he has to help her use the stairs and I don’t think I would be able to. Unfortunately she leaves next weekend so I don’t think she will get to stay like we had planned, but I am just glad she is okay.

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