2020: The Year Of…

The last 2 years I decided not to make resolutions. I remember feeling like a constant failure every year when I would look back and realize all the things I said I would do, but didn’t. I am not very good at failing. I beat myself up over the pettiest of fails.

Or, I use to.

I read a saying recently that said something like “set goals and do your best to accomplish them. If you don’t finish it, at least you tried, but if you don’t try then surely you have failed.”

This last year, being the rough patch that it was, I learned how to be okay with “failing”. Nothing is perfect and it not being perfect doesn’t make you a failure.

So this year, I am making a resolution.

2020 will be the year of intent for me.

I bought myself a planner. I am going to set goals and do my best to succeed.

I want to be more intentional and more present in the moment. I want to stop focusing so much on just the “exciting” things that are coming up and be more present in the today, the now. For all I know, tomorrow may not be there. I can only do what I can do in the now, I can’t do much about a tomorrow that isn’t promised.

That doesn’t mean I won’t make long term goals, I will. My main ones (if you are interested) is finding a sleep schedule for myself, allowing myself ME time uninterrupted by outside influences, and weight loss. By weight loss, I don’t mean constantly putting myself down. I mean loving my body at every stage and size that it is while I work to get where I want to be.

I feel like starting small and working up to the overall picture is more beneficial. I have a plan to set weekly goals that ultimately get me to my big picture goal.

I have so many ideas and aspirations that my planner will be the organizer of all the things. Keeping all my thoughts at the forefront to maintain focus. We will see where it gets me! I am excited!

What are your goals this week? Month? Year?

Let me know in the comments!

13 replies to “2020: The Year Of…

      1. Only in my head at this point. Finishing up a newsletter that should have been done 3 weeks ago and getting my 3 planners done and lined out for this year for home, for bill paying and for my volunteer work. Then I will give thought for goals for the coming year and write them out for me to see every day.
        But getting healthy/losing weight is number one, because my breathing will be better if I do.

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