A Bloody Painful Time (TMI, you have been warned)

Most of the people I see on wordpress and that follow my blog are of like reproductive system to myself. I feel like you could relate to this. For those with the opposite, perhaps you will gain some new insight?

It is about to get TMI up in here!

First, let me start with a little ranting.

Why!? Why do only females have to endure any of the harsh, disgusting, and ongoing things that deal with reproduction of our species? All men have to do is show up for “a good time” and that is all.

What they don’t have to do is endure years of monthly cycles that begin before we are even able to drive a car. For me, I was 9 years old when I started having periods. Having just turned 30, lets say I have had 21 years of monthly cycles. To put it into perspective that is 252 months, on average lasting 5 days per month so that is 1260 days of bleeding!! Not only is there bleeding, but there also is cramping, back pain, headaches, annoying acne and dry skin, irritability, and all things related to “PMS-ing”.

Then you add in pregnancy. For me, that is 3 children in a 6 year span. With each one, my periods getting harsher and harsher. Which leads me to where I am now. Literally debilitated in bed with so much pain that I legitimately feel like I have just given birth all over again.

I am being electrocuted in my side. My right kidney feels like it is trying to be ripped out of my body. My lower back feels like the indescribable back labor contractions, but constant instead of in waves. My uterus feels utterly engorged like all I want to do is ring it out like a soggy rag just to relieve some of the pressure. My entire body feels like it has been ran over by a 20 car train. Not to mention the fact that all I want to do is stand in the shower until this flow is overwith. It never fails to be a disgusting mess. Yes we do have special underwear that we wear during our monthly cycle because let’s face it, they are bound to get soiled in blood at some point. No one wants those pretty lace “panties” getting ruined with blood. “Oh just use tampons!” Yeah, I could and have, but those aren’t a guarantee not to have leaks. Plus, do you know how horrible those actually are for your body? No thanks! Add in the extra bathroom trips because yes you do poop more during your period. Is this too much for you yet?

Not only is it physically exhausting, but it takes a toll on the mental side too. For instance, for a few days leading up to actually starting, I found myself wanting to crawl in a cave and cry for no solid reason. It made it difficult to enjoy the holidays because I felt like an insane person. But no, it was just the impending bleed that would be overtaking my entire body. I also have been feeling more “needy” for a lack of a better word. All I want to do is cuddle and have my body rubbed while I either sleep or watch movies waiting for this crud to pass.

So the next time you treat someone on their period as if they are going through a common cold, telling them to suck it up or to rub dirt on it. A word to the wise, stop it. Offer them heating pads, chocolate, and an endless supply of chinese food (or whatever they are craving). Be grateful you aren’t the one having to feel all the symptoms of having a period while sitting in a pooling of your own blood and tissues (yes there are clots and tissue, too!). Sounds fun, right?

5 replies to “A Bloody Painful Time (TMI, you have been warned)

  1. Tell me about it. People just assume it’s a natural phenomenon in our body like maybe sneezing and we can just go through it but we can’t. What’s worse is that if people don’t understand fine , but if they make fun of us with that makes me go crazy. Like if we are brooding ,sad or irritated it’s not always PMS! Also I understand the whole it’s a natural thing for a woman too but that doesn’t mean she has to have kids if she doesn’t want to either. Our world has come a long way but there’s still a lot more to go!

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    1. Totally agree!!! Being a woman doesnt obligate someone to be a mother. Society has a disgusting way of making people feel forced into “social norms”.


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