Blogmas 2019: day twenty five

What a wonderful day we had! We woke up around 730am and of course the kids were eager to see what was under the tree.

The kids loved all their presents that Santa brought. Then we had them open their big presents from us.

The quality is terrible because it is a screen shot of a video. But, here is what she saw!

I was so happy to see how much she loved it! All that hardwork and lack of sleep was well worth it.

Pickle also got his nintendo switch, which was wrapped in 3 wrapping papers, put inside a box that was stuffed with toilet paper and wrapped again. All in which we got on video. That is probably my favorite thing to do, record Christmas. Maybe that’s because those are the only videos I have of my family when I was little. I just figure one day the kids will appreciate it.

I also was excited that Chris got me oven mitts, a twenty one pilots tshirt, and a twenty one pilots blanket!

We also spent the evening surrounded by my immediate family, which is always a good time.

I am sleepy though, so hopefully I can get some decent sleep tonight now that the rush is over!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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