Blogmas 2019: day nineteen

I have a love hate relationship with online ordering. I love that I can get things without dragging everyone to the store. I love that it makes hiding things easier. I usually find things on sale online instead of in store, so that is a nice bonus.

What I don’t like is when something isn’t exactly what you ordered. Or when it takes longer than expected for shipping. Alas, we have had to return some items. Granted, I am thankful for the new process of returning items, but sometimes it frustrates me when it doesn’t go as planned.

I did an order online from Joann’s nearly 2 weeks ago. I ordered 5 sets of Christmas plates, 4 tablecloths, and some blanket scarves. Unfortunately it didn’t all get shipped together. I received 1 package of plates a few days after the order was processed. Then 10 days later received another package of one. I need the plates for Saturday. Unfortunately the rest won’t be here until the 23rd. That just won’t work. Needless to say I will have to get plates from the store, not as festive, but whatever it is just plates, right?

Have you had to return things already this season? Do you avoid online ordering because of the hassle? Let me know!

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