Blogmas 2019: day seventeen

We are about to embark on the busiest part of the year! Between now and the beginning of January we have a lot going on [I know I have mentioned this before..but I like to look back on these posts].

This week we are getting the house ready to host our giant family Christmas dinner. My mom, stepdad, siblings, their partners, nieces, nephews, my cousins, their kids, my aunt and uncle, my grandma from California, and Chris’ parents. In total, I think I counted 32 heads. We have rearranged our den to be a dining hall. It actually works out quite nice as a new station for my major crafting project.

I know I already mentioned this too, but I have been working on making a customized barbie house for our daughter. I am pleased with how it has been going thus far. It is just very time consuming. I have only been working on it when Monkey is sleeping. Needless to say, this week, I am running on coffee, coffee, naps, and coffee.

This weekend we are having a friend night as well. Making some chicken pot pies, a dessert smorgasbord, maybe gingerbread houses, and hanging out in our jamas. The following day is the big Christmas dinner. So if blogmas goes MIA for a couple of days, or is short in nature, that is why.

Also, today Bug is 8 months old! What!? How did we get here so fast!

Maybe I am bias, but we make some adorable kids.

Then of course we have Christmas eve with Chris’ family. Christmas day we do our own thing in the morning and then my family comes over in the evening. Chris works the Saturday following holidays, so that will be sure to throw me off kilter. Then my best friend is moving back home after like, 11 years-ish? I am so excited for that! So New Year’s eve we will have a little shindig and ring the new decade in together! Then, Monkey is turning 3 on January 5th! She is convinced she is turning 4 though.

With so much going on and so many things coming up, there surely is never a dull moment! Tonight though, I am putting it on pause and enjoying being a couch potato and watching The Polar Express. That is, until the kids go to bed and I start cranking out more barbie furniture!

I hope you are all having a splended Tuesday! What events do you have coming up that you are looking forward to?

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