Blogmas 2019: day sixteen

Going along with yesterday’s post, I thought it would be fun to share what my kids are getting from us for Christmas. I have 3 kids. I will start from oldest to youngest.

6 year old son, Pickle

  • A rocking gaming chair [target]
  • A Lego ninjago set [target]
  • Pokemon cards [target]
  • Pokemon card binder [target]
  • A Pikachu piggy bank [target]
  • A how to draw pokemon book [target]
  • Erasable colored pencils [target]
  • A sketch book [target]
  • A fortnite nerf gun and target set [target]
  • Lego pad set [Amazon]
  • Twenty one pilots tshirt and pin [hot topic]

His big item, he has been asking for for 2 years and we were finally able to make it happen (no debt included!) is a Nintendo Switch and a couple of games. I think we got him Mario Odyssey and something else I can’t remember currently🥴. He also will be getting my old cell phone that is only on WIFI with a really cool captain america case.

Stocking will have..

  • Superhero toothbrush
  • Candy cane filled with m&ms
  • Reese’s
  • Can of Pringles
  • Mario Uno cards [ amazon]
  • Airhead Bath bomb

And then…My 2 younger kiddos picked out a Roblox shirt and more Pokemon cards for their gift to him.[target]

2 [almost 3] year old daughter, Monkey

  • Baby Belle doll [Amazon]
  • A musical horse jewelry box (with some bracelets) [Amazon for the box. Target for bracelets]
  • An Educational game [target]
  • A farm book [target]
  • A barbie and puppy set [target]
  • A pink horse (on a stick) [amazon]
  • Little People’s Farm (the big one) [kohls]
  • Lego Movie 2 character set [target]
  • Lego pads [amazon]
  • Princess necklace kit [amazon]
  • Twenty one pilots tshirt [hot topic]
  • A cowgirl boot piggy bank [amazon]
  • A tablet [amazon]

Her big item is the custom made barbie house we are working on.

Stocking will have

  • New Princess underwear
  • Ariel toothbrush
  • Candy cane filled with m&ms
  • Reese’s
  • Nail kit
  • Bath bomb
  • Unicorn straw cup

And then….The 2 boys picked out a Toy Story lego duplo set for her. [Target]

Our 8 month old son, Bug

  • Mario Bibs [target]
  • Stacking cups [target]
  • B. Soft Roly Poly Owl [target]
  • Fisher-Price Smooth Moves Sloth [kohls]
  • A book [target]
  • Skiphop selfie phone [target]

Stocking will have

  • Yogurt melts
  • Training cups
  • Dragon toothbrush
  • A gameboy teether

And then…the oldest 2 picked out some noisy musical plush soccer ball for him. [Target]

And I think that is everything! If you want me to link anything just let me know.

How do you plan your shopping list for gifts?

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