Blogmas 2019: day fifteen

I don’t know about anyone else, but something that I do every so often is venture onto YouTube. I use to be really into family vloggers and DIY videos. I have a couple family vlogs that I still follow, just not daily. However, last week I stumbled across random videos and somehow kept making my way through these random videos, mostly like Dr. PHIL or TrueCrime videos.

Once you watch something it will give you related videos to what you have recently watched. Now, I don’t remember exactly what I watched, but in the related searches started popping up videos on “what I got my kids for Christmas” followed by videos of families opening gifts on Christmas. Have you ever watched those kind of videos? They are so fun to watch! Of course some people I am like, “Wow! What do you do for a living to afford all that!?” Other videos I am seeing how we relate and how we differ.

It is fun seeing how other people treat the same holiday. Everyone is so different. I have noticed a lot of the videos I have seen lately are people living in the UK. I think it is cool that we have the technology now to, in a way, be more cultured. I enjoy seeing how others live. It is fascinating to me.

If you have any free time or feel bored, look up those sort of videos! Let me know if you do and if you found it fun or not.

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