Blogmas 2019: day fourteen

Activities. Activities. ACTIVITIES!

I can’t speak for other cities or families, but it seems like this season brings a lot more activities! I could probably compile an endless list of things that occur during the holiday season, but instead of doing that, I will stick with the ones we typically do!

Family Gatherings

Outside of a Christmas meal or party, during the holiday season we really strive to see our family more often. Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn’t for everyone. For instance, tonight we went to my brother and soon-to-be sister in law’s house for homemade broccoli and cheese soup, random Christmas movies playing on the t.v., and just simply being together. We also enjoy playing family games whether that is ones we make up ourselves, card games, board games, or games on an app. We always have a lot of fun! We also do this with our awesome friends, too!

Christmas Light Displays

One thing we have always done, mainly because it is my favorite activity, is driving around looking at Christmas light displays. I love the artistry that goes into it. I love the lights themselves. Some people put a lot into their displays. Tonight we went to an old coworker of ours house to check out his display. He has his front and back yard full, plus he filled his neighbor’s yard too. He said he spends 3,000 to 5,000 dollars a year on his Christmas display. Crazy how expensive it can be, but if I had the money, I’d be one of those houses.


Like I mentioned the other day, we have been doing a lot of crafting. You can craft at home or find a place to go to that has crafting activities. Most craft stores, like Michael’s has crafting days that can even include the whole family. There are craft classes you can take to learn or build on skills. You can do painting with a twist, which is so fun! Or you can be crazy like us and craft an entire barbie house and furniture from scratch (maybe I will post a picture later when it is done).

Store Events

Some stores go all out for the holidays. Certainly it is a way for them to draw people in, hoping they make a purchase. Around here we have Bass Pro Shop. It is an outdoorsy store, but for the holidays they create an entire winter wonderland. Kids can make crafts, play with new toys, and even see and take pictures with Santa. It is all free [Except maybe the picture itself. Not sure because my children never want to get theirs taken with him and we don’t force it.]

If you are like us, we are already pretty busy with daily life of raising 3 young kids. Add in trying to plan hosting Christmas dinner for 30+ people, Christmas with Chris’ family, Christmas with my family, Christmas itself for our kids, planning birthdays (mine and our daughters), helping as needed with wedding plans [which we are currently taking a small break from], it can be overwhelming some days. We don’t always have the energy and time to go out and do things, but when we do we aren’t looking at things that cause us to spend a lot of money. With having 5 people, costs add up. There is plenty of things to do that are inexpensive or free. A simple Google search for your city will give you a plethora of results. If nothing else, grab a blanket, snacks or dinner, and just watch a good heart felt movie.

It is what you make it afterall, busy or relaxed. There is no right or wrong. You do you and enjoy the season as you wish to enjoy it.

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