Blogmas 2019: Day Eleven

Christmas is supposed to be a happy season. Unfortunately, some of the worst in people comes out during the holidays. Something we are constantly on alert for are “porch pirates”. Porch pirates are people who steal packages off of people’s doorsteps (or anywhere on their property).

With more and more people using online shopping there are more deliveries being made to people’s homes. That means, these porch pirate jerks are constantly on the move! I have seen several video’s of people following delivery trucks, waiting to make their move, and quickly recieving packages that do not belong to them. It is atrocious. I get seriously irked over it.

Fortunately for us, I am a stay at home mom. I am here when packages arrive so that no one even has the chance to steal them. We also have a Ring doorbell. Any time there is motion at the door, I can check it and see if it is a person or just a car going by. I seriously recommend the Ring doorbell! We got the one off Amazon that was $99; you can get their subscription for only $30 for the year. It is totally worth it! I have scared off two people in the last year with it (though they didn’t seem ill intentioned). If you are looking for a gift for an adult, I highly recommend the Ring doorbell. Or even getting one for your own home. (Not sponsored).

Do you do online shopping? Does your neighborhood have a porch pirate problem?

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