Blogmas 2019: day nine

Woke up this morning to intense winds and snow! I woke up so tired from all the weekend hustling, but seeing the snow instantly made me smile. I got the kids ready and got out to the van to get it warmed up in time for Pickle to eat breakfast at school.

On the way to school, the roads were mostly fine. At one point though, when I tried to make a left turn, I instead slid into a gutter. There wasn’t anything I could do about it. Luckily it was only a gutter rack/curb and not another car or something. Needless to say, that definitely brought on some anxiety for me. I went about 3mph after that. After getting home, I decided it was going to be a chillout sort of day.

The 2 younger kids and I have spent the morning watching movies.

We watched the original Grinch, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Story, and now 101 Dalmatians is playing in the background as well as the Frozen soundtrack playing on the speaker.

I managed to stay in pajamas all day, it has been awhile since I have done that. I just love watching the snow, cuddled up, and watching movies. Unfortunately we can’t do that forever though. I have tried to make relaxing a priority this season. Every weekend has plans pretty much and weekdays aren’t always relaxing. So the days we don’t have plans we aren’t trying to make more plans. We want to enjoy being home and just hanging out. After all, Christmas [for us] is about family.

Are you a busy body and have to plan relaxing days?

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