Blogmas 2019: Day 8

What a busy weekend!

With shopping and then crafting until nearly 6AM this morning, this mama is tired!

Do you ever feel like you have a million good ideas, but executing them all seems impossible? That is me today. One task at a time and whatever gets done, gets done. Sometimes it’s ok to only get a few of your million ideas knocked out.

Christmas cards, check!

Christmas shopping, check!

Order meat through catering because cooking for 32 people sounds tiring, check!

Wrap presents, check [everything except for the few items left to be delivered]!

Major craft project for Monkey’s gift? still a work in progress..

Deep clean the house? hah, what? Maybe tomorrow?🤷‍♀️

Christmas tablescape ideas? Need more money for my taste, but we will figure that out later. 2 hours after this post was published, check!

Guestroom for grandma? also maybe tomorrow, if at all🥴

This year I am not stressing myself out by trying to complete a million ideas. Prioritize and take one at a time. What gets done will be done and what doesn’t, probably doesn’t matter much anyway. Christmas tends to make people overachievers. Just stop and ask yourself, is this necessary?

I bet you will find most isn’t and save yourself the stress, time, and money instead.

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