Blogmas 2019: Day 7

Well, this isn’t Christmas related, but it is important to me nonetheless.

Today is my 30th birthday. 30. Wowza!

Most people cringe at the idea of aging, but I personally find it beautiful. I don’t usually like making a huge stink about myself, but this year I have been a tad emotional about being 30. That isn’t because I feel “old” or anything of that nature, but because I honestly never thought I would make it to see my 30th birthday.

Before meeting my now husband, I had every intention of not living past the age of 22. To think how much I have changed since then is just crazy. Sure, I still face my own battles all of the time, but I am much stronger now than I ever had been before. Turning 30 has me really reflecting on the last, mainly, ten years. I hadn’t planned to be where I am now because I didn’t think I would ever physically be this age. Yet here I am, and thankful for every damn day that I keep on fighting.

In celebration of turning 30, I had my own photoshoot with a cake smashing session.

The women in my life also took me out to a Paint and drink wine thing, which was so much fun! Pickle has named my squirrel “ife” 🤷‍♀️.

As for today, I am keeping it simple and enjoying a lunch out with my party of 5, having a cake, and then going shopping for Christmas gifts for the kids. I am grateful to be where I am and more importantly, I am grateful for who I am.

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