Blogmas 2019: Day Six

The Christmas season is all about giving! Whether it is giving your time, kindness, or generosity to someone else; there are so many ways to give! I for one, love to give to others, even when it’s not Christmas. However, often times I find that I put others ahead of myself. Don’t get me wrong, it is totally necessary sometimes. However, we can’t forget to take care of ourselves too!

One thing that makes me feel better, especially as a stay at home mom, is just simply getting out. I love my kids and 99.9% of the time, they go where I go. However, every once in awhile I am able to go out without the kids and without my husband and just think of myself. Something I enjoy doing is getting a pedicure and also going to dinner or lunch with a friend. I think getting out helps to bridge the gap between mother and individual. It is necessary to keep your sanity sometimes.

Especially around the Christmas season when we are literally putting everything we have into giving to everyone else, it is important to remember to give to yourself too. So today, that is exactly what I am doing!

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