Blogmas 2019: Day 4

Something new that occurred to me this year has to deal with wrapping paper.

I try to be conscious about my footprint on the Earth. Though, I know I am not perfect, I try to do my best. I never realized that most wrapping papers are not recyclable. Say what!? Yup, true story! Any wrapping paper that is foil, shiney, glittery, laminated, or textured cannot be recycled.

I actually saw a post on Facebook that talked about it. It said to use regular brown paper, like the rolls you find in the moving equipment section of the store. The dollar tree even carries rolls of the plain brown kraft paper.

Then I thought, surely someone has to of made pretty recyclable wrapping paper. That way, gifts look different from us than they do from Santa. I don’t want to be suspicious! Anyway, some stores do carry Christmas themed kraft wrapping paper! I was excited to find the kit from Target, 4 rolls for $10!

I definitely am making the switch!

What do you use to wrap gifts?

My grandpa always used newspaper to wrap our presents. He use to say he spent a lot of money on wrapping gifts. I will never forget that about him.

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