Blogmas 2019: Day One

Well, here we are again folks! December has officially began, which means, our Christmas countdown is underway! Real talk, it has been underway since last Christmas. I decided to partake in Blogmas again this year. I figured if for nothing else at least I will have the memories to look back on.

What is blogmas? [For those who don’t already know]

Blogmas is Christmas related posts every day for 25 days (or whatever suits your fancy). I personally try to post things as we do them, but sometimes I also share memories and other random things related to the season.

So, commence the season!

Day ONE!

Every year since Chris and I have lived together I have made an advent for Christmas. Here is one I still had a picture of from 2014.

Each shape had a different activity on it, so each day we would take the corresponding number down and do that activity. I pretty much had stuck to similar countdowns over the years. Last year, I did a simple paper chain.

This year though, I wanted to do something different. I even considered buying an already made advent calendar. I had seen a Little People Christmas Advent and many Lego advents, but man, they are expensive! I almost settled for a simple chocolate advent board that was like $3 at the store. That is, until I found something else at a recent thrifting trip.

I was so excited when I saw this! It was still perfectly kept in it’s original box. I wound up paying $15 for it! After we got it home, I looked it up online and they go anywhere from $60 to $115 online! I am definitely not ashamed to save money on awesome things!

Each little door is numbered. So each day we open one door and it plays a different song for each one. Plus, there are little treats inside for the kids to pull out!

I challenge you to check out a thrift store this season and see what you can find from your to buy list! If you do, let me know!

Happy Holidays!


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