A Gift Guide For Toys That Last [infant to school aged]

I cannot tell you how many toys my kids have gone through. We tend to do toy clearouts at least once a year, usually in preparation for Christmas. However, we have started to realize just how much money has gone to waste by doing this. Not only that, but the more toys = the more to clean up. Truth be told, kids don’t catch on to the whole “put it away when you are done with it” method until they hit school age [at least the kids I have and kids that I know]. On top of that, how many toys do you know that stand the test of time? Toys that don’t break within 2 weeks of getting it. And! Toys that can be used through multiple kids.

I have 3 kids. A 6 year old, a 2 year old, and a 7 month old. I thought it would be useful to make a gift guide on the things that have lasted and are worth the cost! #notsponsored

1. Play kitchen

We have one similar to this

We have had our play kitchen for 3 or 4 years now [my oldest son got it for Christmas]. The great thing about these play kitchens is that if you buy a good quality one [we prefer the step 2 brand] they will last forever! Not only does my son still play with this kitchen at times, but my daughter is obsessed with it now. I imagine my youngest son will also grow to be obsessed with it once he is able to get around and play. All kids love pretending to cook. Mine especially love taking orders from people and making them food. Though I do like the look of wooden sets, the plastic-resin types seem to last longer around here. Wood gets dented or screws fall out, etc. I guess it depends on your household.

2. Trampoline

My daughter got one of these trampolines for her 2nd birthday. The weight limit is like 60 pounds, so not only has she loved it, but my older son has enjoyed exerting his energy on it from time to time. When my youngest gets a little bigger I guarantee he will be enjoying himself on it as well!

3. Legos

Legos are a hit with any kid! I personally have found that kids prefer the duplo legos over the mega blocks as a starter set. As they get older they prefer the smaller legos. My kids spend hours building with legos. I would say the small legos are good for 3 and up depending on the kid’s level of maturity. If they are still putting weird things in their mouth, opt for the duplo ones.

Added tip, don’t forget to get a container to store them in! That is why I like the crate sets you can get as it comes with it!

4. Art Easel

I think it is safe to say that most kids enjoy art in some way. Most kids enjoy coloring and creating artwork. My daughter got a double sided art easel for her 2nd birthday. One side is a chalkboard and the other is a magnetic dry erase board. Not only is the versatility nice, but when you have multiple kids, having the double sides is certainly a win! If you get a good quality of one it is sure to last a long time!

5. Little People

The Little People toys are another must on our list! We got our daughter the Little People Doll House and Camper for her first birthday. We also have the school Bus and will be getting this farm for Christmas this year. Not only does she constantly play with them, but my oldest son still plays with them from time to time. My youngest son finds them (the actual characters) optimal for teething (of course we sanitize them!). They are very durable, too. They have made princesses, superheros, toy story, and now a Disney Frozen set. A lot of options that are sure to please any young kid.

And there you have it! My top 5 gift ideas for younger kiddos!


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