Saturday Mornings

I am grateful for Saturday mornings.

Saturday mornings are the only day that I get to sleep for more than 4 hours. As a mom of 3 young kids and person dealing with mental illnesses (on top of currently having been sick for nearly 2 months), sleep just doesn’t come easily. Then when it does, it never fails to last very long.

Saturday mornings are basically the only morning where my husband is home. He gets up with the kids and instructs them “not to wake mommy up”. Usually he will make breakfast, oftentimes bringing it to me in bed if I am awake. He cleans and does so without disturbing my slumber.

After I woke up today, I caught him vacuuming.

It doesn’t go without notice!

I am entirely grateful to have a husband who sees our marriage as a partnership. Despite the fact that he works 50+ hours a week and can fall asleep literally anywhere. He never hesitates to share the responsibilities around the house. I am eternally grateful for him every single day.

I am grateful for Saturday Mornings.


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