November is here and that means the holiday season has officially started! November is the month of Thanksgiving, who doesn’t love smashing on a ton of food? I know our family sure does! But, what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about is gratitude.

I try to keep the lessons of gratitude going in our family throughout the year. But, November is a great time to put it in full force. This morning while waking up the kids, I talked about how today is November first. That means, Halloween is over and this is the month we talk about what we are thankful for.

I explained to them that even on bad days or days where you feel like the world is falling apart there is always something to be thankful for. I told them, “today I am thankful for waking up”. I explained how some people go to bed and don’t wake up. I said so I am thankful to be alive.

Pickle says he is thankful for his family. I love that he already feels that way at the young age of 6. He understands the importance of family.

I firmly believe in verbalizing what we are thankful for. I plan to do this every night at dinner this month.

If you follow me on Instagram I will also be doing a daily photo challenge.

What are you thankful for today?


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