Plus Size Thrifting

Like I mentioned previously in my Subscription Boxes post, I have become quite fond of thrift shopping. I have gone thrift shopping before, but lately I have felt like thrift shopping more rather than going to department stores like Target and Kohls. I have a hard time justifying the cost of brand new clothes. Especially since I am a bigger woman, the price of brand new clothing can be outrageous.

About a month ago I started looking on Poshmark for some winter clothes, but I didn’t have much success. I did get one sweater from there, but it still cost me about $16. Even that starts to seem steep once you begin to really get into thrifting. I personally don’t like spending more than $10 on one item and even that is pushing it for me.

Here in Omaha, we have plenty of thrift stores to go to. One store that most states have is the Goodwill. On this particular adventure, we had planned to check out 3 different thrift stores depending on my luck. I knew I was looking for some sweaters and maybe a couple bottoms.

We started at the Goodwill. One thing that the Goodwill does (so do most thrift stores) is have a color of the day sale. The day we went the colors were as follows – yellow tags were discounted to .49 cents and blue tags were discounted to .99 cents. I tried to keep an eye out for those colors, but I didn’t feel like I needed to be solely restricted to it.

The last time I was at this particular store, the plus size stuff was mixed in with the women’s stuff. I had remembered where it was and went straight to that area. I was instantly let down when I couldn’t find anything past an XL. I went to go find Chris, but on my way there I came across the sign that said “women’s plus”. They had moved the section to it’s own aisle. I went through the entire section and grabbed anything that was my size or seemed of interest to me. My cart ended up looking like this…

I was ready to try the stuff on. But, there were only 2 fitting rooms and both were occupied. So, I ventured over to the decor section. I really wanted to look at Christmas decorations.

The aisles are basically by color at this store.

Monkey really enjoyed playing with all the canisters, tea pots, and plates. She kept making us tea to drink while we amusingly were showing each other interesting finds.

And then I finally found the Christmas section.

Had I wanted to spend the money, I would have bought all of the village pieces. Prices ranged from $3 to $6 a piece. However, today’s trip was meant for sweaters since I needed them. NEED vs. WANT can be a hard habit to break.

Finally the fitting room was open. Monkey decided she needed to come with me.

Here is what I wore that day.

I started with the jeans.

I liked them, so I kept them on while I tried the tops on.

And then I tried on the other bottoms I had.

When I grabbed these I had assumed they were going to be trousers, but they wound up being capris. They were cute, but not what I was looking for. I wound up getting a pair of jeans, all the sweaters, a cardigan, and the sequence top. Everything except the jeans were 3.59 a piece. The jeans were $5 and some change (can’t remember the exact change). We also got a decorative monogrammed pumpkin for $6 [normally $30 at hobby lobby] and a double stroller for $9.99 [normally $150+].

It was definitely a successful trip and we didn’t wind up needing to go to another for me. We did go to the kids resale store, but I didn’t document that this time. Needless to say, we are all ready for the Winter weather! As we should be since it is going to be freezing this week!


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