31 Days of Halloween: Day 12

I don’t have one specific topic for day 12. I finally got the yards mowed and our Halloween inflatables put out. On of them quit working, so now we are down to 3. I also got the rest of our pumpkins, too.

After mowing, showering, meal prepping, and vegetating we decided to run a couple errands. For months Monkey had been talking about her Halloween costume. She wanted to be a Disney princess. Which was a win for us since she already had the costume. Today though, we were going to go Nobbies to get her a wig for her costume. However, she all of a sudden decided she wanted to be something else. Something she didn’t already have in her dress up collection. So, off we went to find her costume. We did succeed and she was so excited! [No spoilers here! I will share these next weekend!]

If you want to know which princess she was going to be, it was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

After our errands we came back home. I made dinner; a keto Mexican skillet.

Chris put on the Husker football game. For a lot of people, Fall is exciting because it is also football season. People get particularly crazy around here about the Huskers. I honestly don’t care much about it. I don’t watch it or care who is playing who. Instead I am watching some Halloween movies (and obviously writing this).

What are you up to this weekend? Any Halloween-like plans?


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