31 Days Of Halloween: Day 8

Another glorious day! “Makes me sick!” Haha, just kidding, but can you name that movie (no googling you cheater!). Today’s weather was so amazing! We had planned to go to the Pumpkin Patch again this weekend, but Chris said we should probably go while the weather is nice. Which meant today since tomorrow is busy for us.

A guy that Chris works with was telling him about this pumpkin patch that let’s you fill a cart of pumpkins and pay only $10 for whatever you can fit in the cart. We thought, “that is a heck of a deal!” Pumpkins, at least decent sized ones, go for at least $6 each. We decided on a whim this afternoon that we would go there and get some. Luckily though, my husband went on their Facebook page and found out they actually ran out of pumpkins yesterday. Sad day!

Oh well, life goes on. So, what else was there to do than to go on another trip to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. There was still some things we had not done yet this season, but most importantly I wanted to get some pictures for Bug’s 6 month birthday coming up. I did manage to get some really cute ones, but I won’t spoil that just yet. Instead here are some pictures of all the kiddos having a jolly-good time!

Pickle said his favorite thing today was the hayrack ride. Monkey said her favorite part today was seeing the bunnies. Bug told me his favorite thing was having a nasty blowout and needing a wardrobe change 😂.

Where do you get your pumpkins?


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