31 Days Of Halloween: Day 6

Fall…Halloween…You can’t have one without the other. So far the season has been a tad wet and muddy, but also cooling down from those sticky summer days. Monkey, in particular, loves the weather we have been having. As soon as she sees rain, she’s putting her rain boots on and demanding to jump in muddy puddles (thanks Peppa Pig). I can’t blame her though, splashing is a fun passtime.

Today, however, is basically a “top 10 day” here in Nebraska. 70 degrees and clear skies. Perfect weather for yardwork, sidewalk chalk, bike riding, and jumping on the trampoline! I have a feeling these perfect days aren’t going to last too long. There is already talk about some impending snow in the next week or so. It isn’t uncommon for snow in October here, but in the midst of trying to slow down I want this top 10 day type weather to last. Alas though, I know my rebirth is coming (I am a snow baby) and I am preparing for that as well.

Bring on the sweaters, hoodies, and beanies!


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