31 Days Of Halloween: Day 2

What would the Fall season be without a little illness? I swear as soon as it changes weather, I always seem to get sick. I am currently experiencing the chills as well as sinus related crud! Because of that, I am taking it easy tonight; laying in bed bundled like a human burrito.

The good news is, I get to watch all the Halloween movies that I possibly can find! I did create a toddler list of Halloween movies a couple years ago.

We have already watched The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values. There is an animated version coming out next week, too! We tend to stick to the more kid friendly movies and shows. However, I currently have my room all to myself and feel like watching something more adult oriented. Taking a gander on the tele to see what is available (Netflix, starz, hbo, and tubi tv). I see the typical things like The Halloween Movies, The Exorcist, The Blair Witch Project, and the Saw movies. But, I feel like watching something I haven’t seen. Tubi TV has a lot of things I haven’t even heard of (#notsponsored): The Redwood Village, Feverlake, Blood Surf, The Cabin, and the list goes on. I have landed on House On Elm Lake. I guess we will see how that goes.

What is your favorite scary movie? What are your Halloween must watches?


7 replies to “31 Days Of Halloween: Day 2

    1. Hi Ann! I also love Hocus Pocus! I don’t usually pick blood and gore movies myself, but am not entirely opposed to them. Some take it too far and I definitely can’t watch ones with graphic assaults in them.
      Thank you for the well wishes!

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      1. I watch the American Horror Story Series the new season is out and they are doing a 1980s slasher theme, The new sabrina series on netflix is really good too! For movies, we usually watch the classic monster movies like Frankenstein and Nosferatu lol

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      2. I watched the first season of American Horror Story and though I wasn’t scared it gave me some pretty bad nightmares so I had to stop watching it. I have heard Sabriba is good, I will have to check that one out!

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